About us


In February of 2021, JT Global was created with the intention to provide Guyanese human resources to the world at large. Guyana is filled with unrecognized talent! We would like to bridge that gap, linking businesses with the amazing talents of these individuals making said workforce efficient, even more so.

Our principles are rooted in equality, reliability, professionalism. As such both potential employers and job seekers are provided with a plethora of knowledge on the industry before making informed decisions or further soliciting our services.

Our company is Guyanese owned and Guyanese ran making us proud to be providing this service to our people.

For Businesses

We provide you with the most suitable candidate for the position after company vetting and considering the specifics set out in the description you have provided.

Communicate with us

While our company is relatively new we highly appreciate our customers and encourage you to contact us with the information provided on our site.

For Job seekers

You no longer have to check listings, newspapers or a number of sites for vacancies. JT Global is here to assist you in every way.